Fix your own site

So there is nothing (bar skills) stopping you from fixing your own site

  1. Give fewster a try?
  2. You can remove the old site using FTP and replace all the files with new ones (don’t drag and drop, delete then replace). This removes the problem, but doesn’t stop it happening again. DON’T DELETE your pictures and uploads from wp-content, just plugins and themes. Sometimes there are extra folders in wp-content/uploads
  3. Make a note of any files which look odd – and note down the time they changed (most FTP clients)
  4. Once you’ve replaced your site, make sure all plugins and themes are up to date
  5. If it happens again, try going into your site’s server logs (they can usually be found in cPanel). Sometimes they are called apache logs. Using the time you got from step 2, see if you can find which files had been accessed at that time. If it is a theme – can you change theme? If it is a plugin – can you remove that plugin?
  6. Hasn’t worked, perhaps get in touch with us